Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12-I'm Thankful

13 Things I Am Thankful For
in honor of Thanksgiving Day 2007

1. I am thankful for slightly tight clothing-because it means that I have not gone hungry.

2. I am thankful for the constant noise and yelling in my home-because it means that I can hear.

3. I am thankful for early morning trips to the Emergency Room-because it means that quality health care is available for those I love.

4. I am thankful for the times that my husband and I fight-because it means that he cares enough to fight back.

5. I am thankful for the dirty socks on the stairs, the toothpaste in the sink, the toys on the floor and the artwork covering my fridge-because it means that our home is filled with children.

6. I am thankful for the rooms that still need paint, the basement that still needs to be completed and the yard that still needs grass-because it means I have a home.

7. I am thankful for my dirty, sticky clothes at the end of the day-because it means that I have been hugged by my children.

8. I'm thankful for my overflowing e-mail and my phone that never stops ringing-because it means that I have many friends and family members that care.

9. I am thankful for the stress of Sundays (keeping four children clean and quiet for three hours)-because it means that I have the right to worship freely.

10. I am thankful for my alarm waking me up-because it means that I am alive and I have another day to contribute to the world.

11. I am thankful for those damn "Brats" dolls-because it gives me a chance to teach my children what is and isn't acceptable in our home.

12. I am thankful for weight gain, nausea, swollen feet, headaches, small lung capacity, sciatic nerve pain, peeing when I laugh or sneeze, uncomfortable breasts, ugly "tent-like" clothing, bloody noses and emotional roller coasters-because it means that a baby will be joining our family.

13. I am thankful for cancer-because it reminds me how very precious every moment and every memory is.


Holly said...

THAT was a very interesting and thoughtful TT-13! Happy Thanksgiving!


Nicholas said...

Nice list. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sassy Lucy said...

I love the way that you presented your list of things you are thankful for, so well put...I wrote on the same topic this week.
Have a jouyous holiday.

kellyo75 said...

This was EXACTLY what my initial TT was going to be. Being thankful for the things that bug me most days. I love your list! And, no I didn't steal your turkey. My friend, jeannene emailed it to me and asked me to use it on my blog since she didn't have the guts, lol!! I did see it on yours, though, and thought, "Gee, I hope she doesn't think I stole it from her." Yeah, I did think, "Gee"

Yen said...

Very interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing this to all of us:)
Mine is up here;
Thursday Thirteen
Happy TT!

damozel said...

I am thankful for the way you reframed life's disasters and made them into blessings. I love seeing that this can be done. It's an art I'd like to learn myself.

baby~amore' said...

Awesome thankful post - such a positive spin putting things in perspective .God bless you on your journey to healing.

The Mocha Mom said...

What a fantastic list with a great twist! Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

I love your list - you have a great view on things! I tend to look at the first part and forget the lat part! You always have a way of reminding me what is most important!

#12 - is this a reflection or are you sharing something?

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family enjoy each and every moment! Thanks for checking in on me! I am thankful for your friendship! Everything is okay -just stupid marriage stuff- nothing major!

Enjoy your day!

Andrea said...

Once again, you inspire me with your attitude. Putting a positive spin on some of the most horrible things in life -- WOW!! You go, girl!

I'm with Pam, #12 an announcement?.....Come on -- don't keep us in suspense!!!

mickey said...

What a list, so beautiful and moving I was tearing up. Thank you Leeann for allwoing me to be one of your friends, I love you.


TheVasquez3 said...

i love this list...thanks for making me think some good thinks!!

Linda said...

Beautiful, beautiful list. Thank you for causing me to think.