Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Hellish Halloween Timeline

12:15 A.M.-Beginnings of a horrible migraine strikes the right side of my head.

1:00 A.M.-Go up to bed, to find 2 yr old having an asthma attack.

1:05 A.M.-Give daughter 2 breathing treatments with nebulizer.

1:20 A.M.-Remember that Albueterol makes 2 yr old hyper.

1:21-4:50 A.M.-Deal with daughter bouncing around on my bed.

4:51 A.M.-Daughter has another asthma attack. (I am now going on 21 hours of no sleep.)

5:00 A.M.-Give daughter breathing treatment #3.

5:10 A.M.-Hope that daughter is tired enough to sleep...put her in her own bed.

7:30 A.M.-Alarm goes off. I curse.

7:31 A.M.-Hear daughter from her room...another asthma attack.

7:32 A.M.-Run to daughter's room to find her laying on the floor, gasping for air...her floor and bed covered in throw-up. She is floppy and getting lethargic. Seriously consider calling 911.

7:33 A.M.-Josh dresses her, while I give her another breathing treatment.

7:50-8:00 A.M.-Instruct Josh on what 6 year old needs for school and Halloween party, apologize to 4 yr old because Mommy is going to miss her Halloween program, feed 1 yr old breakfast and call sister-in-law to come help get everyone ready and dress up 4 yr old.

8:07 A.M-Leave for Primary Children's Hospital.

8:08-8:50 A.M.-Drive to hospital with 2 yr old in front seat (I know, I know, she doesn't normally sit there) so that I can make sure she is still breathing okay. Croupy cough develops.

8:51 A.M.-Arrive at Primary Children's Hospital.

8:53 A.M-Put 2 yr old on she spreads her legs and pukes on her feet.

8:55 A.M.-Oxygen is okay, but temperature of child has now soared to over 103.

9:00-11:58 A.M.-One dose of steriods, one nurse dressed like a duck, one chest x-ray, four well-earned stickers, one dose of motrin and one dose of tylenol later...Croup. Add that to the poor kid's asthma and you have major breathing issues. We are sent home with a prescription for steriods for tomorrow morning and orders to give her breathing treatments every four hours.

Noon-Call husband and update him. Let him know that I am going to stop to feed the child, now that she can eat without fear of aspirating.

12:01-12:50 P.M.-Drive straight home after daughter passes out from exhaustion. I can't bring myself to wake her, even to eat.

12:51-2:30 P.M.-Get home and realize I don't feel that well. Try to take a no avail. Josh goes to store to get her steriods. $4.00 for two tiny, little pills. Bastard insurance company.

2:31-5:00 P.M.-Complete chaos in the house to dress 3 little witches, 1 little vampire, 1 GI Jane and 1 GI Joe. Drive to Grandma's house. Realize that I really don't feel good.

5:01-8:30 P.M.-Hang out at Grandma's house, give daughter another treatment, Josh takes other kids out to raid the town,start feeling really, really sick...CRAP...I'm coming down with strep again!

8:45 P.M.-Get home and still have to bathe 4 make-up covered kids, and carpet clean the 2 yr old's room.

10:20 P.M.-Children are in bed sleeping, Halloween candy is hidden...and it is too late for Mommy to go to Urgent Care.

10:20-11:30 P.M.-I haven't worked at all today, so I get a few reports done.

11:30-Midnight-Sit on the couch trying not to swallow my spit (yeah..sorry..that was graphic) and wish that I could gather up the courage to swallow some Tylenol. Thank God that this horrible day is over! :)


Nancy Brown said...

AWWWW I am so sorry. If i lived close by I wiould have given you a nap. You could drop off the sick and afflicted...right on my doorstep


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness- you poor thing! I sure hope you are feeling better and that the little one is doing better too.

Andrea said...

Wow...that just went from BAD to W-O-R-S-E-!-!

You obviously are a very strong woman, 'cause nowhere did I read that at such a time you had the BREAKDOWN that I would've had!

Hope today is MUCH BETTER!

She Became a Butterfly said...

i feel sooooooooo bad for you sweetie. i hope you get some anti-biotics and some rest soon!!!!

lizzie said...

so sorry...

Cecily R said...

Holy crud I wish I could come and take your kids so you could take a nap!!!

Is croup going around? You're the second person in a week that I know who has been in the ER with a little one ultimately diagnosed with croup. In that area, no less.

I hope things are at least getting better. Sorry about the strep. I hear that one is going around too.

Happy thoughts your way...

Pam said...

Oh my! I am so sorry about your day! I am pretty sure it couldn't have gotten any worse then that. I would have given in and had a massive meltdown in there are amazing! I hope that you and your children are feeling better today!

Candygirlflies said...

I have two accutely asthmatic children... I've been there... I feel your pain!!

You poor, poor thing.

Hope your children recover quickly so that you have some time to take care of YOURSELF.

Love and hugs-- CGF xo

*Rae* said...

OMG I hope your daughter is feeling better I hope you start feeling well soon having strep is horrible hope you get well soon

No Nonsense Girl said...

sorry it's been such a hard day!!!!:(

Feel better, you and yours!!!! Nope, can't trade, I wouldn't be able to deal with 4 kids at the same time. you are a saint!!! ;)

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Regina said...

Hey Leeann, so sorry to hear about your day. It is always hard when your baby is sick, and you feel overwhelmed, and like you won't make it, but you do. You make it through to fight another day!
ooohhh, the enemy is mad at what you and yours have accomplished!

Crys said...

Leeann, You are a super woman! I can't believe you had such a terrible day. I am SO sorry you are sick on top of everything else that went on. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Sniz said...

Wow, what a day! And I thought I had it bad when I was complaining about washing dishes all day! Is your 2 yo ok? How about you?