Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm the coolest Mom...ever.

Yep, I did it. I got the family tickets to see it! My girls are super excited (and this guarantees me their BEST behavior for the next 2 weeks!) and so am I. This will be so much fun to do as a family. We don't get much family time and it is long overdue.
Except...that for the next two weeks...I will have to listen to:
"MOM? How many more days?!"


Andrea said...

You should make a count-down chart for how many days. We did that for Joelle before pre-school started. Every morning she would cross off the last 'sleep' that she had and always knew how many more were left.

It cut down on the questions, that's for sure!!


Nancy Brown said...

Do a paper chain. easier to do.. less hassle..

Mommy said...

How fun!!!

katie said...

You win the coolest mom award today. My girls would love this but I'm not feeling very cool-ish today. Have fun!

Pam said...

You ROCK! I took Ashlyn to see Disney on Ice last year, but it was just the general one. I REALLY want to take her to see the Princess on Ice show, but it hasn't come here yet. We usually take her to see Elmo/Sesame Street Live as well. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice other things so that you and your family can have the fun...(plus, we go to Sesame Street on the opening night because the tickets are cheaper!)

What a fabulous mommy!!

Regina said...

I should lend you my daughter, she would love it! have an awesome time!

kellyo75 said...

I am so jealous. We are a HSM lovin' family. I wanna go, too!! Have OS Much fun. Enjoy your two weeks of good behavior too!