Friday, November 9, 2007

Fortune Teller?

We got Chinese food for dinner tonight.
And what comes with Chinese food? Fortune cookies.
There was an extra one thrown in the bag, so after we all chose one for our own, I picked up the extra cookie and began to open it.
"Who should this one be for?", I asked.
Josh said, "Our unborn child." (Who is not conceived yet...I'm not announcing anything here.)
Laughing, I opened the cookie and read the fortune:
"Your efforts are budding-results will soon appear."
Uh-oh. Never taken a fortune cookie/pregnancy test before! LOL


Regina said...

WoW, that is just a little bit freaky! That would be a new spin on modern science! No doctors needed just buy fortune cookies!
hey we had chinese food tonight also!

zamejias said...

Yay! I hope to remember that months from now. :D

Pam said...

That is a bit....freaky! I can't wait to hear if it is awesome would that be. And then you could tell that story to everyone!

Hope you house if feeling better! I really should be resting and doing nothing- instead I lay on the couch while Ashlyn plays and adjust the laptop screen so I can see it and her. I have a addiction!

Andrea said...

That is too cool!!!! WOW! I would've fallen off my chair!

Crys said...

Thats so funny! I sure hope its a sign of things to come!

Mommy - aka Nana said...

Isn't that funny because something tells me one of my children are going to make me a grandmother again for the 7th time.

Melanie said...

That is too funny! I hope you save it- ya know- just in case ;)