Monday, November 12, 2007

The Beauty and the Beast

I love this little girl. She has fought for life since conception and she is very determined to leave her mark on this world. She is hard headed and stubborn...with a touch of a temper thrown in.
Everyday, my patience is tested with this one. When I say that I have had a bad day, the usual response from anyone listening is, "What did Avery do now?"
We joke in this family that the most used phrase in our home is, "WHERE'S AVERY?", because if she is not in the room with you...something is going to be broken, peed on, scattered all over my room or drawn on.
Most of the tears I have shed as a parent, have been because of this child. Either I was crying because I was afraid she was going to die...or I was crying because I was afraid I was going to kill her. :)
She has the biggest, softest, doe eyes that you have ever seen. Underneath those eyes, is a smattering of freckles, that make you want to kiss her cheeks. Sometimes, I think it's her eyes and those freckles that save her from the wrath she deserves.
Tonight, after a rather trying day with her, she climbed up on the couch behind me, sat on the back of the couch, wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on mine. She didn't say anything, just cuddled with me for no reason. I turned my head, looked into her beautiful eyes and reminded myself how very much I love her. Reminded myself how very quiet, yet very boring, our home would be without her. Reminded myself how everyday, she teaches me patience, understanding and forgiveness.
All that responsibility, in one little two year-old body.


Steph said...

I can totally see how those beautiful eyes could get her out of trouble. I dont know what she has come through, but am glad that she is alive and well... and pushing your buttons. :P She's just reminding you she's there mama! :)

(((HUGS))) I have a challenging child as well.

Candygirlflies said...

I have the same kid. Just a different name.

Aren't they wonderful??

xo CGF

Common Mom said...

Big beautiful eyes and rosy round cheeks . . . I think every little girl is born with those two very amazing and cute items - if my daughter didn't have those, well, who knows where she'd be right now ;-)

Your daughter is beautiful! And you can see that spark in her eye in the pictures - I love it! I'll take my spirited child any day - makes it interesting :-)

Nancy Brown said...

She is so beautiful. Just keep her primed for my 2 year old. Although he isn't walking yet he will still beat her in the drive mom nuts category.. like 5 AM!!!!!!!!!!

you are an amazing momma!! Hope a new one is getting ready to come to you!!

Mommy - aka Nana said...

That was definitely a tear jerker because that's my granddaughter. Don't forget, there's one in every family. Gotta love her to death.

Pam said...

She is so beautiful! I love this picture of her. Love the hat too! Ashlyn has the same one! I think pushing our buttons is part of the life of a odd that children from the same parents, raised in the same environment, etc can have such different personalities! I see it in my two already...Ashlyn is much more like Avery and Riley is very much calm and laid back (he doesn't get it from me!). Enjoy that precious girl!

Regina said...

Beautiful post! and heart felt sentiment! isn't it awesome how God gets our attention! You HAVE to stop and marvel at His wonders, and children are his greatest accomplishments/miracles!

Andrea said...

That was a very touching post.