Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You can't be mad at ME! I'm mad at YOU!

Well, the window coverings saga continues. After a few more missed/late appointments to get my vertical blinds in for the sliding glass door, it finally got put in. Two days after the valance was put in for it (another appointment, because they didn't bring it the first time!) the damn blinds fell out of the wall!
Now, I'm no contractor here, but if you were going to hang something weighing around 15 pounds on a wall, something weighing 15 pounds that moves, wouldn't at least one of the screws need to be in a stud? Wouldn't you think? Huh? Grrr.
Nope. Apparently 1-inch tornado screws are enough to hold it in. Or so they thought. So, because it fell out, it ripped some of the sheetrock. Not a lot. But, enough that it is going to be a pain in the...errr...bum, to fix it. Add to that, that we are in the middle of finishing a basement and putting in an entire yard right now and don't have any spare time!
So, after calling the company, they are going to come out and look at it. However, they "don't understand why it happened", "it's never happened before" and "it just doesn't make sense." HELLO! Even your receptionist said that it should have been put into studs!!! It's not MY fault that your 1 hour late, punk looking, installation kid didn't know what he was doing! You can't be mad at ME! I'm mad at YOU!


Sniz said...

I don't understand how in the world so many companies out there do such shoddy work and stay in business??

mickey said...

Amen. To Sniz's comment and to your blog. Good Luck! Next time ask me first and I'll tell ya to do it yourself with the help of IKEA and my mom.

Pam said...

I am sorry! I hope it gets fixed quickly and gets done right this time....sometimes people just rush through to get done. Let's hope the next guy does a better job (and apologizes for this!)