Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9-I'd Never Say

13 Things I Never Thought I'd Say
Before Becoming a Mommy

1. "Stop licking your sister!"

2. "The cat doesn't want to play pony!"

3. "Don't dip bread into the potty!!!"

4. "Please don't wear Mommy's bra on your head when we have comany over!"

5. "Do you want me to pull this van over?"

6. "(Insert Here, me singing the theme song to Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Hannah Montana or High School Musical)"

7. "You cannot poke people (or the dog!) there!"

8. "Can Mommy, PLEASE, just go pee-pee by herself?!"

9. "You cannot go outside naked!"

10. "I don't care if you like Grandma still have to clean your room!"

11. "Well, where do you think babies come from?"

12. "Sorry, (Mr. Mail Carrier, Ms. UPS Driver, Mr. Man Going Door-to-Door Selling Cleaning Products), we just can't keep clothes on the 2 year old!"

13. "You got scratched? What did you think was going to happen if you tried to put the cat in the potty?!"


Cecily R said...

Uggghhh. It's scary how much I relate to this list. Scary but also hilarious! Love them all!

Nicholas said...

Some of those make the mind boggle!

Joyful Days said...

Ahhhhh yes....those things we say. Thankfully we've outgrown any thoughts of involving the (very old) cat. But still.

My favorite thing to say is, "And you thought that would make me happy--WHY??" Fun times.

SJ Reidhead said...

I think I've heard my sister mention a few of these.


Your Hellish Day reminds me I need to do a TT about my Chevy Chase Christmas a few year ago.

The Pink Flamingo

Andrea said...

Your sense of humour is simply remarkable.

LOVED that post!

Joyismygoal said...

LOL said most of those love the picture below I hope you are getting better?

Pam said...

Too funny! I just heard myself say..No, Riley, the trash can is not a toy...who would have ever though?!?

I am sure you could have come up with more then it was hard to narrow the list down!

*Rae* said...

LOL great list number one had me cracking up your kids are a hoot Happy TT-Http://

Sharon said...

LOL! Oh yes. So true. Lately the going pee-pee one is what I've said the most! Happy TT!

Lori said...

Love the laughs. Thanks for sharing.

Shaunda said...

Love this post!