Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7-I Was Never Told

Thirteen Things I Was Never Told
About Being A Mother

1. How often I would get peed on, pooped on or thrown up on.
Yeah, it's been a lot.

2. How quickly I would get used to being peed on, pooped on or thrown up on.

3. That my baby would teach me several languages, long before they learned mine. First, I knew what each cry meant. Secondly, I learned the grunting and pointing. Next, I learned the made up words like "apoo" (which meant puppy) and "field welder" (which means 4-wheeler). Then finally, the broken English, shortly before speaking in full sentences.

4. That childbirth is not gross or disgusting or wierd or dirty or overwhelming. It is the most amazing and wonderul and miraculous thing that I have ever done or witnessed.

5. That a person that only reaches my knee caps has enough attitude, personality and moodiness to drive me to tears!

6. How quickly they outgrow their clothes! One daughter skipped a pant size over the summer and another jumped 2 shoe sizes!

7. How much nursing hurts! Nobody told me that I would cringe for the first 3 weeks when they latched on. Nor did they mention that after nursing 4 babies I would no longer have any feeling in that general area. Except, of course, during latching on!

8. That I would ever say "Unless someone is bleeding, I don't want to hear about it!"

9. That I would become a "zoned-out" mother. Many times a child will come talk to me and I will respond. Then, seconds later, I will go running after them yelling, "What did I just say that you could do???"

10. That I would ever understand what "Swiper, no swiping!" meant.

11. That children are only listening when you don't want them to. This is also the information that they will repeat. At the wrong time. To the wrong people.

12. That anything, absolutely anything, can be fixed with a band-aid.

13. That I could love another person so much that it hurts. That, at times, it makes me cry. It makes me laugh, worry and giggle. It makes me smile, yell and happy. It makes me content and peaceful.
It makes me...ME.

Thursday Thirteen


Judy Callarman said...

This is very sweet list. Your children will enjoy reading it one day, so be sure to save them a copy!

Pam said...

I love your list! By the way, I am totally with you on number one and two- got peed on at bath time and didn't even think about changing my clothes! At bedtime, I just wiped the spit up a bit from my shirt and went about the bedtime routine.

As for 5- sadly, mine gets her attitude from me....boy am I frustrating!

#6- my 3 year old is already in size 4's and a shoe size of 12! I grow giants!

You said it on #9 and 10!

I second number 11 and 12 also! Like I said, LOVE the list. said...

Welcome to the club. Just recently I was talking to my 10 yr. old son about your #1. He couldn't believe he and all babies do that! LOL. Great list.

ellen b said...

Oh my goodness. You'll have a new set of thirteen for every stage of their lives. Blessings...

Nicholas said...

Great list!

jenn said...

That list is so right on. I agree with all of them. Happy TT!

Shaunda said...

Great list to many time I could relate. I really enjoy your blog may I add you to me list of friends?

baby~amore' said...

a wonderful heart warming list -especially # 4 & 13
No 1 rules in my house too with twins.

KC said...

I love this list..
Happy T13

Goofy Girl said...

:) Adorable list! I'm not a mom yet, so I will keep your list in mine when I'm finally lucky enough to become a momma!

I do agree about childbirth - it's an amazing process!

julia said...

I enjoyed your list a lot. I'm still hung up on the fact that a small child would even know what a 4-wheeler was... but that much show my urban sensibilities. Happy TT!

Briggie said...

what a wonderful list. you had me laughing and crying. thanks. here's my TT link -

Wolfie said...

Hello..this is a great list..guess we all learn a lot of things from our kids..

Nancy Brown said...

that was a awesome list .I love it... Now I need to figure out what I have 13 things about.

Anonymous said...

Loved This.-#9-made me laugh out loud because I tend to do the same thing. My daughter told me yesterday-Gosh I keep saying Mom over and over and you don't answer. I had to apologize for daydreaming. She said, well it looks like we are the same-because I always daydream too.

Anonymous said...

anonymous was Maribeth-sorry I forgot to include that

Makita said...

I love your list... and agree with all but #7. I nursed 2 for 2 years each and never really experienced pain while nursing. Engorgement in the beginning was the only uncomfortable part. Kudos to you for sticking it out through the pain with 4 kiddos. :)

Sharon said...

Awww, you list made me tear up! I love that you included GOOD things people didn't tell you. Usually lists like this reveal only negative things. Thanks! ;)
I love each one you posted, and I fully hear ya on each one, too.

Happy Thursday!

amypalko said...

What a beautiful post, and so true!
Motherhood is fab isn't it :-)
My TT is up here if you fancy popping by for a read.

Sniz said...

Number 9 and 11 are my favorites...oh, so relevant! My TT list today is similar. I guess great minds really do think alike. Oh wait, we've already said that, haven't we? Number 14, when you become a mother, your memory cells decrease by 20% each year.

MomOfMany said...

I enjoyed your list. It was great.
Visit mine at
This week is about wedding plans that are underway.

Crys said...

Your Thursday Thirteen are always so wonderful!!
P.S. I got the package and can I just say you are amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Lilly LOVED her blanket and she colored all day. You are just TOO nice.

Regina said...

I love your list! Isn't life grand! But time does pass quickly, so we must capture every moment good or bad!


Amy said...

Love it! I agree!

Andrea said...

AWESOME list!! I agree with everything you wrote about. You write with such emotion. Love your blog!

In fact, I'm going to add you to my blog roll. And you and your family will be in my prayers as you face the upcoming head-shavings and the chemo and radiation.