Monday, October 15, 2007

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...Let Down Your Hair's official. Next Monday night, our local paper will be coming out to do a story on Mom. That means that at this time next week, I will be a little bit lighter, a little quicker getting ready and a whole lot colder! So far, we have 4 definite baldies (5 including Mom) and 2 "maybes".
I sound confident...but I'm shaking in my boots!
I will be bald.
But, as I have told everyone that I have convinced into doing it: It's just hair. It grows back. In the meantime, let people stare. I told Mom that for Christmas I need to make us all shirts that say: "Stop Staring. I Did This For My Mom"

So, in order to convince myself that this is a good idea, I have come up with reasons why this is a good thing (other than it is supportive to Mom.)
1. I'll save money on shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, anti-frizz gel, dye jobs and hair cuts.
2. I'll be able to get ready 15 minutes faster. 45 minutes faster if you count the times the I dry and straighten my hair.
3. It will show my children how supportive family and friends can be.
4. I'll have to overcome my fear of people looking at me.
5. I will be cold (so I am told, by other baldies), so the shivering will aid me in my weight loss.

Can you think of any other good reasons? :)


Pam said...

Crap! I wrote this once and stupid blogger didn't publish it..try number two (hopefully I remember it all!)

You will be showing your girls that true beauty is on the inside and not the will be able to start a hat more spit up in your more kids pulling your more food in your more bad hair more crazy, frizzy hair when you have to clean up poop, jump start the car, and get the kids to school! You will be showing the world how to be loving and caring! Finally, you will be proving that you are an amazing, inspirational, positive, loving, caring and supportive person!

I'm so proud of you that you are doing this and that you got the paper to do the article. When the article is published, can you post it or at least a link to the article so I can read it too?

Steph said...

Pam pointed out everything I was going to!

So, I'll just add that I think its AMAZING that you are doing this to help your MIL!

Candygirlflies said...

This. Is. Fantastic.

I have a friend who's eleven year old son has just started taking cancer treatment for a tumour, located right next to his heart.

His family and friends all shaved their heads for him, too... and it was extraordinary.

You won't regret this. It is such a wonderful gesture, I cannot even put it into words.

In my "former life", I apprenticed with an old-school milliner... can I help you with head coverings??

xo CGF

Sniz said...

Oh leeAnn, I am sooo touched. I am crying as I write this. Your love and support is so deep...and you're even putting humor into the mix of a very serious situation. I love you for it, so I know your family loves you even more than I can ever imagine. What a wonderful example to your children, LeeAnn.
BTW, thank you, thank you, for the award. It's my second ever and it's now on my blog with your link. Great, now I need a Kleenex.

mickey said...

and how come i wasn't invited? is it because you thought i'd cry after doing it, you know pregnacy hormones and all? i love your reasons and all of your friends reasons, you are so beautiful leeann.

Nancy Brown said...

I think the best reason is your mom. Your mom did a lot for you and it is just hair. What a great tribute to your mom.

Crys said...

I think this is wonderful! Hair grows back and what a supportive thing to do.... I'll send you an email for the perfect place to make that T-shirt.

shawn said...

Okay y'all !!
Bald is beautiful!!
Whether it is by choice or by the result of other factors ... just embrace it and enjoy it ...

I've had a clean shaved head for four years and have NO regrets at all ... mine was "just because" ... I think it's a good way of making a statement that losing one's hair as a result of cancer treatment is NO BIG DEAL !!! Hair is highly over rated any way ...

Leeanne, don't cover it up - be proud and bald and know that you've done it for all the right reasons !!!

Andrea said...

Hey Leeann -- I stopped by via Pam's blog and I am hooked already!

What an amazing story, and you and your family & friends are SO brave for doing this. It's a HUGE gesture and I'm sure your mom appreciates it all. And to get in the newspaper -- I would LOVE to read that article when it comes out.

p.s. i love the t-shirt idea!! :)