Sunday, October 7, 2007

I was Tagged a while ago...finally caught up!

Where did you meet your husband?

At McDonald's, when we were in high school. We both worked there and then I became his boss! :)

What was the first thing you said to him?

I don't remember! I was probably teaching him how to work the grill.

Where was your first date?

He asked me to my Homecoming. (We went to different high schools.) We went to dinner and then to the dance. I hated it and swore I would never go out with him again. He didn't talk the whole night!

Where was your first kiss?

It was in his driveway after our second date...that one that I swore I wouldn't go on. During the kiss, he dropped his drink on my foot! Yeah, I'm that good.

How long did you date?

Almost 3 years.

Did you have a long or short engagement?

It was about 8 months.

Where did you get engaged?

We were living together at the time. He knocked on our bedroom window and got down on one knee with the ring and flowers. Cheesy, but cute.

Where were you married?

We were married at the courthouse. (Long story.) Then, we were sealed together in the Salt Lake Temple in June 2004. Wonderful day!

How did the reception go?

We never really had one.

Where did you honeymoon?

We flew back east to visit my family for a week. It was great!


Pam said...

What a wonderful story! Sounds like you were meant to be...after all, a dropped soda on the foot is the national sign for soul mates! So glad it all worked out and you are so happy now!

Crysm said...

Thanks for Sharing! I love hearing stories like these.

Common Mom said...

I love hearing about people's "meet" stories - thanks for sharing :-)