Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4-The Little Things

After my week of a pity is my list.

My list of the "little things" I take for granted.

The Little Things

1. When I wake up in the morning and find a note that my husband left me. Just Because.

2. When my children clean up without being asked.

3. When a friend calls "just to talk." Adult conversation is reason to get excited around here!

4. When my children are getting rowdy in church and a nice man sitting next to us pulls out a roll of lifesavers and entertains them for the next 30 minutes.

5. When older ladies give me a knowing smile in the store and comment, "I remember shopping with my children." It's nice to know that someone is understanding and not criticizing my screaming 1 year old, my messy-haired 2 year old, my 4 year old riding under the cart and my 6 year old begging for a treat.

6. When my husband puts the kids to bed at night...

7. that I can take a hot bath.

8. Friday nights when my mother-in-law takes the 4 and 6 year old for a sleepover.

9. Being a WAHM. I can bring in some income, but never miss anything in my children's lives.

10. Medical insurance. It's not anything you think about until someone gets hurt or sick.

11. The internet. It is such a prevalent thing now, that we take it for granted. I'm glad that I can research anything at will and I'm thankful for all of the people I have met in "cyber-space."

12. TIVO. I can record anything and then watch it later, after the kiddos have gone to bed. No interruptions!

13. Excedrin Migraine. Enough said.


Believer in Balance said...

Love the list! You have a lot to be grateful for! I wish the lifesaver man went to our church!

Damozel said...

None of those things ever happen to me...! Once someone gave ME lifesavers at a bit lecture where I was coughing my head off. Does that count?

Your husband leaves you notes "just because"? You ARE lucky...I don't think I've had a note from my husband since we married, though he does sometimes send me emails.

April Elizabeth said...

excedrine migraine is a gift from the gods.

Rasmenia said...

Aww...what an awesome list! Lifesaver man is a hero. :)

Have a great Thursday!

ivan said...

Happy T13!

This is a touching post. It's nice to be reminded once in a while.

Anyway, do visit my own version of T13 here at Dear Me. =)

LuvSchweetheart said...

This is a great list!
My husband also puts the children to bed most nights, and does their baths. He's a good man! :) Be soo thankful for your inlaws. I wish mine would do things like that, we're doing good if they will babysit for an hour. My parents live 2400 miles away so not many sleep overs there either. Lovely break for you and your husband to get some alone time. :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. You're right--we take a lot for granted, until we don't have it any more. Great list!

Sniz said...

Number 12!!!! Actually, all of these things. What a great list!!! I LOVE the description of yourself on your profile and your list of interests. We could be sisters!! Thanks for visiting my TT and I'll be visiting often!

Pam said...

Great list!

Shalene said...

I like your list too. Very nicely said, especially the Excedrin migraine. Hee Hee. Blessings to you!

Shannon said...

Hi there! I randomly found your blog by clicking the "next" button and I'm glad I did! You have a new reader from TN :-)

J. Lynne said...

What a great list! I do try to think about all the stuff I put my mother through when I see some poor mother with a petulant child in public.

suebug said...

Your list inspires me to be more grateful for the "little things" in my
"Having a friend to go to church with who helps with MY screaming kids..."
"Having someone to laugh with, when all I want to do is cry- and talking with her makes me alot less sad!" there, that's a start!

Nicholas said...

Nice list.

Angela said...

It's always good to take stock and be grateful! Thanks for sharing and visiting.