Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Update

For those of you checking back in to see if I survived yesterday's fiasco, I'd like to report that I am fine. I am alive. I am breathing. Many of you wondered which of my horrible things was going to happen to finish the day off. So, no, no one broke a bone. No, my house didn't catch on fire. And no, I am not pregnant with triplets.
However, around 11:00 this morning, my 2 year old came to me saying, "My teeth hurt." Now, we were just at the dentist 3 weeks ago for a cleaning and I told them that she says this sometimes. They told me that her teeth look fine, but she has molars coming in, and that was the pain she keeps talking about.
Great. Wonderful. Nothing is wrong. Perfect.
So, yesterday she starts in again with, "My teeth hurt."
"Yes, honey, I know. It is your molars coming in."
"I need medicine.", she says. This is strange, because this girl HATES medicine. Getting her to take her asthma meds everyday is hard...she never asks for it!
So, down the hatch went some Tylenol and I thought nothing of it again. Until today.
Today, she came to me again with, "My teeth hurt." For whatever reason, I took the time to oblige her and look in her mouth. What I saw, scared the crap out of me! I have never seen it before and I though with all my years of "Dr. Mom", I had seen it all.
Picture the worst bruise you have ever seen. Purple. Blue. Red. Black. That is what the back of her throat looked like. Basically, it looked like blood pooling, under the skin, at the back of her throat. Then, on the inside of her cheek it was all red, like a welt.
Up to urgent care I ran, with the kids in tow and got the round of normal questions.
"Eating okay?"
"Normal activity level?"
"Sleeping okay?"
One quick swab of the throat later....and I am staring at a prescription for antibiotics. My poor baby girl has raging strep throat. I'm sure the doctor thought I was crazy, because when he diagnosed her I said, "Oh good! It's strep throat!"
Poor man probably thought I needed to be committed, but all I meant by that comment was, "Yay! Strep I know how to deal with! It's nothing serious."
So, who knows how long she has been dealing with this. I feel like a horrible Mom for not knowing, but I didn't know! See, you have to understand this child. She has the highest pain tolerance of any human being I have ever known. She has cut her feet so badly (from playing outside barefoot), that it almost looks like her toe could have been severed off. We never find out until 3 days later, (because it's up under her toe, where it connects to her foot...and we don't see it) when we find a red, oozing, swollen toe, that now requires a trip to the doctor for a shot of antibiotics. It's almost like she feels no pain.
Which is good, I guess. She doesn't suffer.
I do the suffering for her. I feel her pain for her.
Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! :)


mickey said...

Yeah strep throat!!! That sounds so awful, the way you described it. Yikes! Good luck with the healing process.

Pam said...

So glad that you all survived Monday, but I am sorry your little one isn't feeling well. Don't worry...my daughter had strep throat last winter and we didn't notice right away. I thought she just had a cold and two days later when she sounded funny I finally checked her throat--typical white spots, etc. I felt like crappy mommy of the year. I know what you mean though by thank goodness it is strep throat and not something you have never dealt with before....hope she feels well soon!

Shalene said...

Oh you poor thing. My eldest had to have her tonsils out when she was 8 because of all the times she had strep and just plain swollen tonsils, for really no reason at all. So it's true that it's good that it's just strep throat. Blessings to you.

Common Mom said...

Yay you survived the rest of the day! Ya know, it must be a girl thing. My daughter is the same way . . . she might mention in passing that her throat hurts a little when she drink milk. Then she says nothing. Then 2 days later, mentions it again. So to the doc we go and she has strep that registers immediately on the little test thingy.

What is it with girls and their pain tolerance?

suebug said...

Thank you for letting me be your vent friend. It makes me feel useful. Not that I say anything that helps-cause let's face it, you know TONS more than I do about being a mom. But I atleast, can listen, and let your anger go, your frustration go, and your sorrow go. And I am still right here! Call if you need me today!