Monday, September 3, 2007

We Remember

Jared Luke Garrard
May 18, 1982-September 4, 2005
Dear Jared,
Tomorrow will be 2 years since you passed away. Not a day goes by that your name is not mentioned in our home. Every time the girls pray, they thank Heavenly Father for making you feel better. They speak, what we all think. We are so glad that you are no longer in pain.
We went to your grave today and brought you some flowers. We sat talking about all of the things that have changed since your death. The one that I am most grateful for, is my son. Luke is the light of our home and we thank you so much for sending him to us. You were so sick the day that I told you that you needed to send us a boy, when you got to Heaven. I didn't know that you were even listening! But, being the perfect person that you are :) you sent him to me the moment you got there! Was this your way of getting the last laugh? He made sure that we knew that you sent him. He missed being born on your birthday by a few, short hours and we laughed when we realized that he had your ears!
We miss you Jared. Please keep watching over us all. My children need the extra guidance and your Mom needs your strength. We love you.