Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm a Mom!

I have read articles where women have written about the "first time they felt like a Mom." Usual answers are "when I felt my baby move" or "the first time he smiled at me."
Well, call me a late bloomer, but it hit me today.
Several things happened, to help me reach this epiphany.
-While picking up my daughter from school, I witnessed two girls smacking a boy with their backpacks. After a moment of watching this, I realized that I almost yelled, "STOP hitting each other! Keep your hands to yourself!" So close to yelling, that I felt the yell die on the tip of my tongue. It was just a knee-jerk reaction to the situation. (And something I say in my house 17,000 times a day!)
-My son was chewing with his mouth open at dinner. The first thought was not, "I wish he would chew with his mouth closed", but "He's eating broccoli!"
-I walked around my house today, singing, "If you go pee-pee, then you'll get a cook-ie! You'll get a cook-ie, if you go pee-pee!" Over and over and over. In a sickening sing-song voice. I hate potty training.
-I caught myself re-playing (and singing along to) track #7 on the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack...because I liked the song.

So, there you have it. I have officially become a mother. Over six years after giving birth!


De said...

Your reaction to those kids was so common for me. We were at the pool one day and Knight heard me yell at someone and got confused because all of our kids were sitting with us. Then he realized I was yelling at one of the teenage lifeguards! (the kids was purposefully pulling his swimtrunks down to show off his tushy on a break).
Here's an official welcome to mom-hood.

Shalene said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Does that song work by the way? :) I need to find something that works, quickly, so that my two year old can be out of diapers before I have to start buying them for our newest one. I hate potty training too. :) It's been about 10 years since I did it on my own, without daycare doing the bulk of the work for me. Definitely a positive for daycare, but well, $150 a week to potty train? I don't think hubby would go for that. :) Especially not with me home. So off I go, to help her "do her job." ;)

Pam said...

I have so many comments to make...I just hope I can remember them all and stay focused long enough to type them out!

1. Better late then never! Or as I tell my class, we all work at a different pace so don't worry when someone else gets done...as long as you are doing your best, you will get there when you are supposed to.
2. I totally want to yell at kids who are not behaving even when they don't belong to me. Maybe it is the combination of mom and teacher or my obsessive compulsive personality...but it drives me nuts and I always want to say something, but rarely let it out my mouth.
3. Congrats on getting someone to eat broccoli! I have to hide vegetables under cheese or sauce or something to get my daughter to willingly eat it (is it willingly if I am hiding it??)
4. You should try the pee pee on the potty song. I must have sang Ashlyn pee-peed on the potty! Pee-peed on the potty! Pee-Peed on the potty! over and over again with my kid. Finally she said, mommy, don't sing that anymore!
5. You know you are a mother then you listen to kids CDs- sing along and know all the words. Sometimes I even find myself doing it after I drop the kids off at day care and I am alone in the car! YIKES!

So glad you are a mom!

mickey said...

that is so funny that you almost yelled at those kids. funny how we have to stop ourselves sometimes to realize we aren't everyone's mom. i have found myself doing that too, i just didn't realize it until i read your post. i am here to testify you are a mom and a darn gooood one too!! thanks for coming out monday. it was a blessing to me.

suebug said...

I totally understand what you mean, I didn't "feel" like a mom until Aspen was atleast 2. It happens, unexpectedly, way outta left field one day- you simply become "mom"! And you my dear, are a good one!!!