Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm concise and controlled and organized..yeah...I'm a Virgo.

I have wanted all my "old" blogs brought over to this one for some time. I like everything in the same place (dated and color coded, if I can!) So, if you hit a moment of boredom, feel free to review any blogs dated November 2006-June 2007. These are "new" to this blog. If you only have time for one, this one will tell you everything you ever (umm...never) needed to know about me.
However, there are lots of other great ones too (if I do say so myself!) :)


De said...

How fun. I read through your 100 list. There were so many things that I could relate to. I love how open and honest you were in it. Even though there were things that were "me", I have not told my mom about them, let alone my blog family.
Thanks for sharing

Pam said...

I'm an organizer too. I will have to look over your top 100 list...can't wait to learn more about you. Today I am really wishing I was a WAHM like did you do that anyway? Off to read your top 100 now ;)