Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Hi, Uncle Jared!"

Many of you have read the story of Jared. On one of his last days, a friend of his, Stacy, was over. She had asked him to please send us a sign when he made it to Heaven, to let us know he was okay. Maybe it was silly, but during times like these, any comfort that you can find, helps.
He passed away on a Sunday afternoon and as word spread around our small town, we began to receive phone calls from people expressing their condolences. Many people also mentioned a beautiful rainbow that blazed across the sky and seemed to end right on top of Jared's house.
We didn't think much of it at the time, but then on the day of his funeral, people came into the viewing talking about the beautiful rainbow right over the church. Since that time, the rainbow became a sign of Jared. We felt that it was his sign to us, that Stacy had asked for.
Tonight, there again, was a beautiful rainbow. As we prepare for Mom to go to another doctor's appointment tomorrow, to check the progression of her cancer, it's nice to know that he is still watching over her. Watching over all of us.


Beth said...

Love the picture of the rainbow! Hope all goes well with Mom.

suebug said...

Wow, I am deeply touched, I would have greatly liked to have known him! He sounds remarkable! How lucky you are to have had, and still have in your life!

Pam said...

Wow! What a wonderful sign and showing of faith. Hope all goes well with your mom.

mickey said...

I love the symbol of the rainbow. your family is so sweet.