Friday, August 24, 2007

Things I Have Learned As A Mommy

-Lower your expectations. Just because something is not done exactly how YOU would do it, the world will not end.
-Pick your battles. Make the kid eat vegetables, but if she wants to wear a skirt over her jeans to Wal-mart, let her.
-Asking a child to do ANYTHING in a nice tone is going to get it done a lot faster than yelling.
-Unconditional love. If anyone but my own child woke me up several times a night, constantly spewed bodily fluids on me and colored on all of my earthly possessions...I'd have to kill them.
-How much I love and appreciate their father. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a spouse that is as involved as he is.
-Teaching them to throw away their own diapers in the garbage will only result in lost car keys later!
-Each child is different. You have to parent differently for each personality.
-They WILL eventually be potty trained. (right?)
-Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a gift from God.
-If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! I need time to read a book or take a bath or exercise more than the kids need dust-free ceiling fans and clean baseboards.
-Children that talk in their sleep provide funny night time entertainment.
-I am doing the best that I can. They are growing up in a home with loving parents that try to listen and TRY to keep their patience.
-Having candy for dinner once in their lifetime will not make them nutritionally deficient.
-Grandma knows everything. Call her for advice, to go with you to the emergeny room and to take your children for an hour so that you don't maim them.
-This will not last forever. Someday, when my house is always clean and always quiet, I will miss the sticky kisses and the pitter patter of little feet on the kitchen tile.


mickey said...

That was beautiful. You are an awesome mom. I love that about you. I am missing you too! I am back from my time-out world and will blog soon, I promise.

katie said...

Amen to your list. Mr. Clean sponges are the best. I agree that each child is different and needs to be parented in different ways. My girls are all VERY different. It's amazing that they all have the same mom and dad. And the whole skirt thing over the jeans....I totally get it. Some things are not even worth the battle!

Mommy said...

True story! As they grow you find that each one is a little like yourself or that awesome dad that gets involved or a little of both. I've always enjoyed the teen years more than the baby years.

lizzie said...

love it and i needed it today. thanks.