Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Minor Assault

If you have been worried lately that people aren't crazy anymore and that the world is progressing toward a kinder, gentler society...this will ease your mind!
Josh was at McDonald's tonight with the kids. The kids were all playing and burning some energy. Also in the play land were 2 other families, each with a few sons. Let's name them Family #1 and Family #2.
A son from #1 went and told his Mom that his little brother spit on a son from #2. The Mom proceeds to repremand her son (who is FOUR YEARS OLD). As she is advising her son to go apologize to the other little boy, Dad from #2 approaches and proceeds to verbally attack her. A few comments made by the father were as follows:
"We are LEAVING! I have 7 children and not one of them has ever spit on anyone!"
"In the courts, this would be considered assault!"
"I'm going to call the cops!"
So, while the Mom from #1 is trying to advise Dad from #2 that she has it under control and is dealing with her son, he leaves and sits outside.
Yep, you guessed it. The cops were called. They came and took statements and walked away giggling, I'm sure. This is what we pay our law enforcement for? To settle fights between 4 year olds and their ill-tempered parents?
Wow. Proof that the world is still crazy. And staying that way.


mickey said...

What a story! I can't believe mr. righteous with his 7 kids didn't have the heart or common curteousy to let it be. The Cops? Really. Sad.

Mommy said...

Forget the murderers, thiefs and drug dealers, lets go after the 4 yr. old spitters. Unbelieveable!