Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go to your room!

Sometimes...I want to ground myself. I want to tell myself to go to my room and stay there. I want to allow myself no contact with the outside world. I want to ground myself from the phone (and telemarketers/survey people that call all day long), e-mail (WORK e-mail!) I dare admit it?...MY CHILDREN!
The world can make you crazy. It's no wonder that over half of the population is on anti-depressants! We constantly have to filter so much noise and's a wonder that we function at all.
All I want is a dark closet and the noise of nothingness. I can picture it now. My happy place.

Wait! What's that I see?

Little fingers waggling under the door. They always find me.


Mommy said...

I'm there! But they always find you. I get the knock on the door though cuz someone taught the little one how to knock on doors.

lizzie said...

can i come too?