Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beautiful Words

-I love you.
-Have you lost weight?
-You don't need make-up.
-You cook that better than my Mom.
-I don't know how you stay home with the kids all day.
-I don't know where I'd be without you.
-You are even more beautiful when you are pregnant.
-Your stretch marks aren't ugly, they are your war wounds. You carried our children in your body. That's nothing to be embarassed of.
-Your job is harder than mine.
-You are an amazing mother.
-I would be nothing without you.
-I'll put the kids to bed. You go take a hot bath.
-Do you need a back rub?
-Our children are lucky to have you as their mother.

Beautiful Words spoken by my husband. I need to pay more attention to these words and less attention to the things that don't matter.


Mommy said...

Consider yourself lucky to have a man like you have who works hard everyday and helps around the house. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!

katie said...

How do you get him to say things like that?

lizzie said...

yeah, i want to know too. i bet you hold up big poster boards with the words on them like they do for talk show hosts. yeh, i bet that's what you do--ha ha!

suebug said...

Beautiful, but that is one thing about Josh, that many women don't have in their spouse...appreciation, gratitude, and true love and devotion!