Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1+1= Grandkids?!

Picture this:

Today I went shopping with my 2 youngest and my sister-in-law and her son. We were in line checking out and I had Luke in my cart and behind me was Brittney with her cart. In her cart were Landon and Avery. So, I'm standing in front of the card-swiper to pay and Avery is right behind me, standing in the cart. She keeps saying "thank-you, thank-you" and I thought she was just being nice to the cashier. The cashier asks if she is with me and I said yes. So, as I am putting my bagged items in the cart, I notice that Avery had slipped a little toy up on the conveyor belt (hence the "thank-you, thank-you"). Avery notices that I have put the bag containing her loot into my cart, not hers and she starts whining for it. The cashier then says to her, "It's okay, honey. Your Grandma has it."


I'm guessing that she assumed I was Brittney's Mom and all the kids were Brittney's! I know we were in Tooele County (land of teenage pregnancies)...but that math certainly doesn't add up!


Mommy said...

Classic! Next time take your mom with you and they will know who the real grandma is. "Will the real grandma please step forward!"

lizzie said...

you definitely look grandmaish to me!

suebug said...

You've got to flippin' be joking with me!!! HELLO!!! TWENTY FIVE does NOT add up to GRANDMA...that is way hilarious!!!!!