Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a picture is worth...

...a thousand words. It is also worth a million laughs.

Juicebox: $1.99/10 pack
Cheerleading Skirt from Halloween: $14.99
Tiara: $2.99
Dressing up your brother like a girl
and yelling to Mom to take a picture
so that there is proof: PRICELESS


mickey said...

LOVE IT! What a cleaver post. I am so proud of my new little blogger.

Nana Doyle said...

He makes a cute girl but cut it out. He's my only grandson.

lizzie said...

so cute! i wish i had pictures of michael all dressed up...he did it of his own free will and choice though. just wait.

Whitney said...

We have a blackmail picture of my little brother dressed up too... what do you do when you have older sisters? Play dress up!