Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a picture is worth...

...a thousand words. It is also worth a million laughs.

Juicebox: $1.99/10 pack
Cheerleading Skirt from Halloween: $14.99
Tiara: $2.99
Dressing up your brother like a girl
and yelling to Mom to take a picture
so that there is proof: PRICELESS

Monday, July 30, 2007

I should have gone to Burger King

My blinds got put in today. I should be happy, and I am, but I am also frustrated. I'm happy to have them in...I'm sure my neighbors are tired of my naked butt wagging in the window. (Not really, we've had some very nice, very redneck-looking, sheets in the important windows.) Plus, it will be easier for my house to cool down without the sun glaring in all day.
However, I am also frustrated. These blinds were supposed to be installed on the 17th. Today is the 30th. Three phone calls later and an appointment was set up for 9:00 this morning. So, I got up earlier than normal, showered, dressed, fed the kids, clothed the kids and then cleaned/vacuumed the whole house. By 9:30, I was angry. I called their office and the lady said that he had left there at 8:00 and he should be arriving any moment. Their office is in Salt Lake, not Logan! That was plenty of time for him to be at my house on time!
So, at 10:30, I answer the door to a punk looking kid (who looked to be barely legal...to DRIVE!) and no apology or explanation. Two hours later, he is finished and driving away. I walk around the house closing all the blinds, to help cool things off. This is when I notice that 2 of the 3 blinds in my room are too short! The little bastard must have known this, because these were the only 2 that were pulled all the way up...the others he left down, covering the window.
So, I call the guy we ordered them from, who called the girl that sets up the installments, who called me. I explained the problem and she said that it would be looked at when they come to install my sliding glass door covering. She asked when he left my house and I told her over 2 hours ago. I got off that call thinking "Wow. It has now been 2 1/2 hours since he left my house and he hasn't made it back to the office yet...that kid is looking to get fired."

Where has work ethic gone? Where are the people that don't overcharge, do things on time and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee? I just want things done right, the first time. Is that too much to ask? Hell, even at Burger King, I can have it MY WAY!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Deep Thought for the Day #1

Please grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change.
The courage to change the one I can.
And the wisdom to know it is Me.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A "Mickey" Deal

I have been searching for an upright freezer for months. I won't bore you with the details of my research, but know that the one I want is currently $560.00 at Home Depot. (Because they are having a 10% off all appliance sale right now...otherwise it is MORE!)
When I got the Tooele paper Thursday night, I checked the classifieds. What happened to be in the ads?

THE FREEZER I WANT (said in a loud, booming voice)

The ad read:
20.3 cubic upright freezer, 3 years old, $150.00 843-5555 (phone number has been changed to protect the innocent)

It was 10:00 at night and too late to call, so I waited until yesterday morning. I called at 8:30 and (YAY!) he still had it available. I called and made arrangements for Josh to go see it.
It is the PERFECT fridge and is everything I wanted and more. This one even has frost free and auto defrost. I guess their conversation went something like this:

Josh: "So, you want $150.00, right?"
Old Man: "Well, what do you have?"
Josh: "$120.00"
Cute Old Man: "Okay, that will be fine."

Now they are getting ready to load it into the van.

Josh: "Oh, the door doesn't shut all the way."
Cute Old Man On Oxygen: "Yeah, I had to take the door off, to fit it in my house and I never adjusted it the right way."
Josh: "Oh, okay. I'll just adjust it and it will be fine."
Cute Old Man On Oxygen Who Lives Alone: "Well, since the door doesn't shut, I'll just take $100.00 from you."

Are you kidding me? This freezer was well cared for. It actually looks like it has never been used and even came with the instruction manaual! He could have easily sold this for $300.00-$400.00!

So, Josh and I are unloading it and I am as giddy as a little girl. Our conversation went something like this:

Josh: "I know!"
Leeann: "This is not something that happens to us! This is something that would happen to Mickey!"
Josh: "Yeah...but she would have talked him down to $50.00."

Okay. Well. There you have it. LOL

Friday, July 27, 2007

Neighborly Love

So, at 9:00 this morning I hear the doorbell. Of course, I can't be dressed and ready for the day by this time. Oh no. I am still wearing my pajamas, my hair is all a mess, no make-up (add to the fact that right at this time I am on the phone and in the middle of making pancakes).

"Who is it?" you ask.

"The cops" I answer.

Apparently my children let my dog out this morning, without putting him in the kennel. A wonderful neighbor, knowing exactly who he belonged to (I'm assuming this, because he was brought right to my house instead of to the pound), called the cops.

"He's been in people's yards" says Mr. Cop

"I'm so sorry. I'll make sure that he is in his kennel." says the Mom on the phone with pancake batter on her shirt.

Mr. Cop takes my name (making me feel like the criminal that I guess I am).

So, thank-you, Mr/Ms Neighbor. Thank you for not just bringing him home and telling me he was in your yard. Thank you for my encounter with law enforcement so early in the morning.

Maybe I should have invited him in for breakfast?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

something old and something new

It's interesting to see how life changes over time. Friends you have been incredibly close to, now seem so far away. Friends that, by all definition, shouldn't be your best friend, because you haven't known them that long...can finish your sentences and know your thoughts.
It's sad AND exciting to see friendships change. Sometimes I sit and mourn the friendships that seem lost to me. I miss the times we spent together in the past and and memories that we have made. Yet, I am thankful for the new friendships and the happiness they bring to my life.
I am so thankful to all my friends and for the part (big or small) that they play in my life. Let this be a reminder to me to appreciate the strong friendships and give more effort to the friendships separated by time or distance.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Turning Over A New Leaf

I just got a call from my nurse at my doctor's office. At my last appointment I told him that I have been working really hard and haven't been able to lose weight. I don't eat fried foods, or drink pop. I walk 4 miles 3-5 times a week. I eat whole wheat bread and pasta. I drink skim milk and cut down on my cheese. But, I haven't lost anything in over 6 months.
Dr. Stowers suggested doing a blood test to check my thyroid. He said he occassionally sees problems with that. And wouldn't you know? My test came back "high". Which means (strangely enough) that my hormones are too LOW. Basically my body just fights against losing weight. So, I am going to try out a medication for a month and if that stabilizes my hormones, then I will stay on that. If it doesn't, then I will have to go see an endocrinologist to try something more.
So, YAY for me! There is a reason that I look like this and hopefully this will assist my efforts. So, here's to me! Let's hope that the future looks brighter...and thinner!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My horoscope for today

I love this.
Do not automatically think that beauty always has to be defined by old-fashioned standards, dear Virgo. It is time to set your own definition. There is no need to fit yourself into some socially constructed mold that doesn't resonate with who you truly are. Your job is not to try and make sure that everyone loves you. There is only one person you need to satisfy, and that is yourself.