Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, my grandparents have arrived from Massachusettes. For the next six weeks they will be living in my home and getting to know my children. It has already been so much fun to see how quickly the kids have taken to my Meme and Pepe.
We sat up talking tonight after the kids had gone to bed. They have been married almost 56 years and are never short on stories! I learned things about them that I never knew before. I learned that my Pepe cheated on my Meme back when they were teenagers. (They grew up as neighbors...how cute is that?) I learned that my Pepe had a top-secret job when he was in the military and there are things that he knows, that even Meme doesn't know.
I learned that they can finish each other's sentences and feel each other's pain. I watch them and see the love that they share even after all these years. It is wonderful to see a love that is still growing after 56 years together. It is amazing to me, to see a couple that never says a bad thing about each other.
It makes me appreciate my husband and all the things that he does for our family more. I envision a time when I can sit with Josh years from now, with wrinkles on my face and his gray hair, and tell my grandchildren stories.
As my grandmother says, children grow up faster than you know. Soon, you will be alone and they will all be on their own. I need to take the time to love their father and cultivate that relationship, so that when we are alone, we are not lonely.

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