Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monkey See...Monkey Do

I had to laugh tonight, because, well, kids do that to you! We were all in the living room tonight, having family prayer before bed. Try as we may, and we DO try to teach the kids to be reverent....sometimes they lack a little!
Luke was busying crawling around on the floor, bumping into the walls with his head. Avery nicely had her arms folded and kept whispering "Name of Jesus Christ. Name of Jesus Christ." Bailey did pretty well and sat still. Ryleigh was the one praying tonight. I love kids' prayers! Occasionally, trips to Disneyland and candy are asked for. About the end of the prayer is when Lukey sat up and tried to put a diaper on his head!
And how did Mommy see all this going on? She was being irreverent and peeking!
Silly kids. Moments like this...when we are all clean and teeth are brushed and jammies are on and the kids are smiling...that's what it's all about.

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