Friday, March 23, 2007

The Perfect Morning

Today, I had the perfect morning. I got up ONE hour before my alarm. It was a beautiful, Friday morning. Before the kids even woke up I had eaten breakfast and folded two baskets of laundry. The kids woke up in a good mood, to a breakfast of hot oatmeal and strawberry milk. Diapers were changed and all little people got dressed. (They were all dressed before noon! I was doing good!) Bailey's show and tell was stowed in her backpack and her shoes were on. She got her hair combed into a ponytail, complete with a ribbon. I looked at the clock and thought to myself, "Wow, Bailey has 10 minutes before the bus comes...and she is completely ready! That NEVER happens!" Today, for the first time, instead of hurrying her out the door yelling, "Run, Bailey, RUN! You are going to miss the bus!", I gave her a kiss and told her to have a nice day. About 3 minutes later she came back through the door and said, "No one else is at the bus stop yet." I was thinking, "Wow, I am a GREAT Mom! My kid is fed, clothed and ready for the day before ANY of the other kids! She was the FIRST to the bus stop...and that just doesn't happen in this house!"

Then it dawns on me. I look at the calendar. There is no school today. Damn.

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Steph said...

OH! Thats SO something I would do!!