Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Other Side

When you are a mother, the day that the first baby tooth breaks free is a day of celebration. Your little infant that you have swaddled and cuddled for the last however many months is growing up! That tiny, sharp, little white bump symbolizes change. They are no longer a tiny little being, with a gummy smile. Every mother has that special photo of her baby's first giant smile showing that new little tooth off.
How strange it is now, to be on the other side. To have my first little baby lose that first little tooth. How strange to hold that little tooth in my hand and remember the day that it first appeared. When that tiny tooth appeared, she was no longer an infant. So, what does that make her now? It seems that she is changing before my eyes.
Too quickly, she will be in school all day, wearing a bra and getting her driver's license. Too quickly, she will grow into a young woman making choices of her own. Too often, I lose my temper because of her attitude or her lack of an attention span. Too often, I forget to just look...just look at my children and take in the wonder that they are. Too soon, they will be grown.

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