Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mickey's Challenge

My friend, Mickey, told me about an assignment she had from her writing group. She had to list 100 things about herself. I decided to take the challenge and see if I could do it, without using the obvious things (name, age, family member's names). I wanted to list 100 things about ME, not about Mommy, Auntie, Sister, Daughter or Wife. These things are part of me and even define who I am, but sometimes a woman forgets about herself when she becomes these other roles. I wanted to list my likes, dislikes, beliefs and thoughts...random as they may seem. So, this is a long blog. Pop some popcorn, get a drink and sit back to learn the inner workings of my mind. (scary!)
1. I love to read and consume about 2-3 books a week.
2. is my favorite number.
3. I don't understand mixing flowers and stripes in decorating.
4. I love the color blue.
5. I like to sing loud when I am in the car alone.
6. I really miss dancing and I "play around" in the kitchen when I am alone.
7. I have extremely poor self esteem, self confidence and self worth.
8. I love to scrapbook, but rarely find the time.
9. I miss high school.
10. I cannot eat cooked/warm pineapple. It is wrong.
11. I can type without looking at the keyboard.
12. I lose my temper easily.
13. My house must be clean in order for me to feel relaxed.
14. My husband is my first and only love. Spiritually, physically and emotionally. In today's world, that is uncommon.
15. I love and respect my grandparent's more than anyone in the world.
16. I have a hard time forgiving.
17. I love my mother-in-law as if she were my own Mother. I would do anything in the world to make her smile.
18. I have doubts that I am a good mother.
19. I have thought about and tried to commit suicide. (a long time ago, don't panic people!)
20. I was a cutter in high school.
21. I have never smoked anything.
22. I love quotes and inspirational messages.
23. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
24. The day I gave birth to each of my children was the closest I have ever felt to my husband and God.
25. I believe that looking into a newborn's eyes gives you a tiny glimpse of hope and understanding in the human race.
26. Watching my brother-in-law die was a moment that will be forever cemented in my mind and heart.
27. Giving birth to my son, without pain medication, was the one time in my life that I was proud of myself and what I could push myself to do. (push..hee hee hee!)
28. I wonder if I will ever again like how I look naked!
29. I don't understand why on one planet we have people that pay thousands of dollars to wear the finest clothes...and Mothers that watch their children die from starvation.
30. I think that people who rape, molest or abuse should be shot.
31. Jodi Picoult is my all time favorite author.
32. I don't understand why guys that play a sport make millions of dollars a year, but our country's teachers and police officers qualify for food stamps.
33. I am for gay marriage. Who am I to say who somebody else can love? If it truly is the "moral death of this country" that some people would like to believe, they will have their own "Judgement Day." It's not up to me to play judge and jury for them.
34. It is important to me to raise children that are tolerant of other people's differences. Be it race, religion or handicap.
35. I believe that sex education should be taught in the home. Teaching a child one thing in school, one thing in church and another at home is confusing. It is up to the parents to explain their beliefs and expectations to their children, not the church clergy or health teacher.
36. I love spring time and the smell of lavender.
37. I do not like two-faced people. Do not pretend to like me and then turn around and roll your eyes.
38. I believe that I am an equal to my husband. Neither of us are better than the other. What's his is mine and what's mine is his. I do not understand marriages that aren't like this.
39. I fight the urge to slap pregnant women that smoke.
40. I will not send my food back in a restaurant if it is wrong. I don't know why. I just can't do it.
41. I like to mow the lawn. It is an "instant gratification" thing. I can see right away the difference I have made.
42. I would do anything for my friends. If you are my friend, there is nothing that I would deny you.
43. I love to write poems. Each of my children have their own special birth poem and 1st birthday poem.
44. I have never had sushi...but I really want to be a person that likes it. I don't know why.
45. I have never ridden a horse.
46. I love breastfeeding and I resent people that ask "You are still nursing him?" Come on people, he is only 10 months, not 6 years. It is free. Buy my formula for me would still breastfeed. Just shut-up. MYOB
47. I pray in the shower. It is my only quiet, alone time.
48. I love to watch my husband pray.
49. I hate road trips. Give me a plane any day. I think it goes back to that "instant gratification" thing. I want to be where I am going NOW!
50. I love the smell of a vanilla candle in the bedroom, a cinnamon candle in the kitchen and a citrus candle in the bathroom.
51. I cannot sit still. It is impossible. I tap my foot, shake my leg or rock back and forth.
52. I have an abnormal relationship with my scale. I used to weigh myself at least 10 times a day. Then my husband hid it. Now I get it only on Monday mornings. Mean man.
53. I am addicted to MySpace.
54. I love sunsets. They are calming after a stressfull day. They are even better if they are shared with my husband and kids on the porch.
55. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love the small town feeling of going to the parade, cook-outs and the fireworks on my old high school's front lawn.
56. Some of my friends have changed my life, without even knowing it.
57. I am proud of my baby sister.
58. I like to take my kids to fly kites. The look of wonder and amazement on their faces is great!
59. I wish my husband like to play card/board games. I would rather do that at night than watch TV.
60. I don't shave my legs very often! It grows in so fine that no one notices!
61. Sometimes I miss having my tongue pierced. I wonder what the "Stepford Wives" would say about that!
62. I have only painted my fingernails a handful of times in my life. Strange, but I like my nails and I don't want to cover them up!
63. I really love my wedding ring. (Even though someone had the audacity to say, "It's cute, even though it's small.") I was the one that picked it out! Leave it alone!
64. I do not like black olives unless they are on pizza.
65. I have to sleep with a fan on. Even though it drives Josh crazy. Even in the winter.
66. I love Rubbermaid. I would organize my entire life in Rubbermaid boxes, if I could. I wish there were big ones that I could keep the kids in! All neatly labeled with a Sharpie!
67. If I had the free time, I would love to take up boxing.
68. My dream job is to be a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld.
69. One day I hope to be a nurse. I am so proud of my cousin for living her dream.
70. If money were not a problem, I would have a dozen children. Maybe a baker's dozen!
71. I like to talk on the phone when I clean. It makes the time go by faster and distracts me from the menial tasks.
72. I do not understand, nor like, people that have children that they do not want and cannot take care of.
73. I write a letter to my children on their birthday. Every year. This way, if something would ever happen to me, they will have this personal thing just from me, that no one else has ever read. Not even their father.
74. I like to make lists. "Things to Do", "Things to Buy", "Things to Make", "Things to Clean", "Things to Pack", ect. I like them neat and color coded.
75. I am fanatic about my family's calendar. It is huge, always up to date and it is also color coded. Green=Work, Purple=School, Red=Appointments, Orange=Fun Stuff. I am aware that I may have a color coding problem.
76. I like to clean the bathroom. I'm not sure why...maybe it's the chemical smells!
77. I like the front door locked all the time. I know that I live in Stansbury Park and not Southie, but I still do it.
78. I used to think (when I was like 8), that rich people bought Miracle Whip and poor people had to buy Mayonnaise.
79. I complain about the kids sleeping in my bed at night, but I like them there when Josh is working.
80. I do not understand addicts. I do not have an addictive personality...unless you count cheese. In which case, I need help.
81. I love to play backgammon. I think that whoever invented the Internet and made backgammon available to me at any time of the day, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
82. I do not like people who are fake.
83. I like to draw. I haven't done it in a long time because laundry, sick kids and carpools have taken over my life...but, I love to do it.
84. I like being tall when short, old ladies ask me to reach something for them in Wal-mart.
85. I don't like being tall when I shop for pants.
86. I actually like hospital food.
87. I figure in all, I have spent about 3 months of my life in a hospital for one reason or another.
88. I admire people who fight terminal illnesses. I admire spouses of cops, firefighters and the military. I admire single parents.
89. I haven't written in my journal in about 8 months. Does this count?
90. I have no patience for people who complain about their lives, but do little to change it.
91. I just stared into a lightbulb to fix the lamp and now I see black spots.
92. Mickey was right, this is pretty hard to do. I haven't thought about myself this much...ever.
93. I don't like the feel of carpet on my bare feet.
94. Sometimes, I cry for no reason.
95. I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of dying.
96. I really want to skydive once in my life. (funny to put this one right after #95!)
97. I have never been to another country. I would really like to visit Italy and Austraila.
98. I really hope that when I die, I have changed the world in some way. I know I will never cure cancer or be the first to invent flying cars...but I want to be remembered.
99. This is the year I graduated from high school.
100. My dream is to see my children grow up happy, see my grandchildren grow up happier and die in my husband's arms...with a smile on my face.

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lizzie said...

#78 my dad always said that they used to buy miracle whip and then his dad got a job...

love the list. i love to have gotten to know you better.