Monday, March 26, 2007

I don't have a job!!! *CORRECTION**

Well. It's been done. I have put in my notice that I will no longer be working for Castle Inspection Services. I have 30 reports in my possession and as soon as I complete those, I am through.
I have not been without a job since I was 14 years old. This will be quite an adjustment.
Now, it's my turn to focus on ME. Being the Mom and Wife I want to be, exercising more...taking care of myself. I am looking forward to it!
(To donate to the "Leeann doesn't have a job" fund, please call....) hee hee hee

CORRECTION: It is now 2 hours later and I have my job back! :) My boss asked if I would be willing to go part-time and only do the regular (read: easier) reports instead of the MS/B (read: pain in the ass) reports. I would only be working bout 2 hours a day instead of 6-8. Then, she said that I could go back to full-time if I ever needed to. So, my 2 hours of unemployment was great. BACK TO THE WORKING WORLD! hee hee hee

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