Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Letter To The Editor

Okay, I guess I have made some people angry with the Letter to the Editor I posted in the Tooele Transcript. I didn't do it to offend anyone, but to voice my opinion. Those who know me and my story know why this would have angered some people and why this is a personal subject for me. I hold so much anger and hatred for the people that commit these crimes. I do not understand people that coddle these offenders. To say that they have "done their time" is NOT fair! When is the "time" over for the victims? When do they get to be set free? Below is my article. Feel free to leave a comment.

Over the last few weeks, several letters have been printed regarding sex offenders. A recent news report on sex offenders also left me feeling quite uneasy. Until recently, therapy during an offender's incarceration was 18 months. Due to recent budget cuts, that time has been cut in half. After some research, I was stunned to find that according to the United States Department of Justice, recidivism among sex offenders is quite high. They are four times more likely to reoffend than a criminal convicted of any other crime. With those statistics, why wasn't the program given the funding needed? Were you aware that Utah doesn't have a law regarding where an offender can live following incarceration? After corresponding with someone at the Utah Sex Offender Registration Program, I was shocked to learn that there are no predator-free boundaries. An offender can live across the street from his victim. If Utah is considered the most aggressive state in punishing this type of crime, I shudder to think how other states punish these offenders. To parents in the state of Utah: Be aware of the laws protecting (or not protecting) our children. Take the time to visit several available websites to see who is living in your neighborhood. To the offenders: If it is difficult for you to pay your registration fee and keep an up-to-date address on the registry, I'm sorry. Imagine what it is like for your victim and their family to relive your abuse everyday.

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